Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just Like the First

I wrote a song about my husband, when we were dating and I realized he is "the one." My favorite part of the song goes "Every time we kiss is just like the first. When I'm in your arms I feel I could just burst. I do, I do for better or worst. Your love makes me love you." I sang it to him on our wedding day, four years ago today, as part of my wedding vows. I still feel the same way today. Kissing him never gets old. Being with him is a blessing from above. Our love grows and gets stronger with each passing hour, each passing day, each passing year. The past four years have been fantastic. I am looking forward to sixty more! And I am blessed that he feels the same way about me. He doesn't hesitate to both show how much I mean to him and tell me as well.

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