Thursday, September 25, 2014

Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Last night, right after dinner, I realized that I forgot to buy Meow Mix Tender Centers cat food for our pet, Robin. It had totally slipped my mind. My husband volunteered to take care of it immediately. I thought to myself that he is the best husband in the history of husbands. But I didn't just think that. And I didn't just say how much I appreciated his kindness. No. I decided to immediately be kind to him in return. I told him I would take care of all the dishes right away. When he got back with the exactly right cat food for his super picky wife, he found the dishes all done. To steal Ellen DeGeneres's tagline, "Be kind to one another." In a cold and selfish world, we strive to be each other's oasis. It keeps our romance vibrant.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Renew Your Vows Periodically

Five years ago, on September 19,2009, my husband and I got married. Yesterday evening, to mark the anniversary, we renewed our vows in a small ceremony with family and friends. It was so wonderful, to say those words again, "in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death parts us...." We talked about our rings as "symbols for those feelings and emotions so great that they defy our human ability or expression." We vowed first of all to God, and second of all to each other to have a love that stands the test of time. We even sang a duet together publicly for the first time, that in the past we have only sung to each other privately, during romantic interludes. It was a powerful moment to share with our guests. Later, after the ceremony followed by a dinner party, my wonderful husband did something not so wonderful. My response? I jokingly told him that despite his annoying me, I will still "keep" him! But I warned him, jokingly that although I am not planning to trade him in for another husband, he needs to know "I still have my receipt!" Ha ha ha. I went on to say how much I paid for him. I said "One husband, 12 million dollars." I deliberately made him cost a fortune to underscore how valuable a great husband is. He is so funny. He thanked me for not trading him in. Then we made love. We have discussed it and decided to renew our vows every five years. I got the idea to renew our vows from the best couple I have ever known, my still happily married parents. It has worked well for them to renew every few years, so we are following their example.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cherish Your Past, And Strive For Your Future

On Sunday, March 16, 2014, my husband and I celebrated seven years together. We had our first date after e mailing and calling each other after connecting on the popular dating site, We have celebrated every year. The funny thing is my husband is the one who first remembered the date and wanted to celebrate. I had no clue! Embarrassed that I am the girl but forgot, I vowed to do something drastic to never forget again. I tattooed the date on my arm! Now every March, I peek at the date and look forward to cherishing our past and striving for our future.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Keep Laughing

The other day, early in the morning, I was doing some work in my home office. As I was working, my husband woke up, came and kissed me, then jumped in the shower. At first I just heard water running. Soon, however, I heard a bizarre sound. Every couple of minutes, I heard my husband cracking up laughing. I thought to myself, "What is so funny? What is he laughing at?" Then I dismissed the thought, and went back to work. But after several minutes of listening to this mysterious laughter, I couldn't take it any more. I went to investigate. I went to the bathroom door and asked him what in the world was so funny. I said (kidding of course) it sounded like he was not alone in there. It sounded like he was having an affair! Then he explained the strange laughter. He said he was reliving a bunch of funny tweets about the hit show, "Scandal," a show we both watch together on Thursday nights. I thought to myself, "Alrighty then." He is a strange one, he is. But I am strange too, so we are a good match. His laughter makes me laugh too. I appreciate that about him.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just Like the First

I wrote a song about my husband, when we were dating and I realized he is "the one." My favorite part of the song goes "Every time we kiss is just like the first. When I'm in your arms I feel I could just burst. I do, I do for better or worst. Your love makes me love you." I sang it to him on our wedding day, four years ago today, as part of my wedding vows. I still feel the same way today. Kissing him never gets old. Being with him is a blessing from above. Our love grows and gets stronger with each passing hour, each passing day, each passing year. The past four years have been fantastic. I am looking forward to sixty more! And I am blessed that he feels the same way about me. He doesn't hesitate to both show how much I mean to him and tell me as well.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nip An Affair In the Bud

Affairs don't just happen out of the blue. They creep up, sneak up, in subtle ways. Knowing this, when I recently got attracted to someone other than my husband, I told my husband about it right away. I wanted it out in the open, not in the shadows. In the shadows it could grow from thoughts to actions.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shower Your Spouse With Sincere Appreciation

This morning, my bass player sent me his transcription of a piece of my music. I had trouble saving it and printing it. I tried to no avail for several minutes. Then I asked my husband to help. He was able to do fairly easily what I just couldn't. Afterwards I thanked him profusely and gave him a passionate kiss. He was very happy to receive my praise. And while he was helping me, I made sure to ask if it was a convenient time. I strive to never ever take him for granted. This is the sort of thing that can keep our romance alive. I treat him years later like I did when we first met.