Thursday, September 25, 2014

Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Last night, right after dinner, I realized that I forgot to buy Meow Mix Tender Centers cat food for our pet, Robin. It had totally slipped my mind. My husband volunteered to take care of it immediately. I thought to myself that he is the best husband in the history of husbands. But I didn't just think that. And I didn't just say how much I appreciated his kindness. No. I decided to immediately be kind to him in return. I told him I would take care of all the dishes right away. When he got back with the exactly right cat food for his super picky wife, he found the dishes all done. To steal Ellen DeGeneres's tagline, "Be kind to one another." In a cold and selfish world, we strive to be each other's oasis. It keeps our romance vibrant.

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