Sunday, August 29, 2010

Create Fond Memories

My parents have been happily married for decades, and still are crazy about each other after all these years. They do things together, express their love for each other, and make love every chance they get. How do I know this? From my mom. We are extremely close and open. Nothing is off limits. She once told me, "Your father is a sex maniac." Hmmm. Nice to know where I got it from!

Not a day goes by that I don't try to follow in their footsteps and have the kind of marriage that they have. I have noticed that they share many great times that make for fond memories to look back on. So I try to do the same thing with Rueben. Rueben went away on business to Washington, DC for a week. On his last night in DC, I made the trip to see him, so we could have some romantic times, share in the joy of each other's company, and make love. I traveled 3 hours to see him. It was well worth it. I loved seeing him and creating fond memories with him. It was wonderful. I arrived on Friday evening via train, and we left together on Saturday late morning by car. Every moment was so special. He lovingly met me at the gate at Union Station and greeted me so warmly, so passionately upon my arrival. It made me feel great. Then we went out to have a romantic meal at one of the finest restaurants I have ever been to. Then we made love in such an erotic, yet tender and loving way. It was excellent. The next morning we had a wonderful brunch in the same fantastic restaurant, then we made the long trip back (it takes more time to drive than to take the train). We were not done with the memories. We had a fabulous time together in the car, talking, laughing, singing, holding hands, and listening to satellite radio. That's not all. We did not go straight home. We went on a date. Our first stop was a friend's barbecue, and our second stop was an upscale steakhouse. When we finally did return home, we thanked God for what a wonderful time we had. Of course we also praised the Lord for safe travels.

No two days together should be alike. Create fond memories to strengthen your marriage.

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