Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apologize Quickly

I snapped at my husband this evening, but apologized just a moment later. What happened was my parents came for a visit. My mother was in a playful mood and asked for a beer (she almost never drinks at all). Anyway, at the time, I was busy serving dinner, so I handed the beer to Rueben and asked him to open it for her. He didn't realize that Samuel Adams is NOT a twist off, but, rather, requires an opener. He tried to hand it back to me saying an opener is needed. I barked at him to get up and get the opener. I was furious with him. But a moment later, I apologized for snapping. He accepted my apology. If you do or say something that requires an apology, don't hesitate. Apologize right away so the bad feelings cannot take hold of you or your spouse.

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