Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do Your Part

My husband always has wonderful surprises for me on our anniversary, on my birthday, at Christmas, and on Valentine's Day. He really has mastered the art of romance. When I arrived at work on Valentine's Day, waiting for me on my desk were a dozen long stemmed red roses and a note from him. But I surprised him too. When he went to the kitchen he found a romantic card from me waiting for him on the table. We had plans to have a romantic dinner together at Moutarde, our favorite restaurant. I arrived first and ordered champagne, another surprise for him. He surprised me with a Nook Color, a device I had commented to him before that I think is far superior to the Amazon Kindle. He remembered my comment (I was not hinting, I swear!) and gave me this magnificent present. Each of us did our part to make the day special for the other. So do your part too. And so should your spouse. A great marriage is one where each person looks out for the interests of the other person.

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