Friday, February 18, 2011

In Sickness and in Health

In all the years I have known Rueben, he has never been as ill as he is today. He came home earlier than usual and told me he has been throwing up and had loose bowels. He went to bed and asked me to put something next to him to throw up into. He has thrown up about three or four times and is totally miserable. To be honest, watching him is making me queasy. But I promised the day we married to stand by him in sickness and in health, so here I sit, near him in his time of need. He said it happened in the past and Gatorade helped. So I ran out to the store to get him some Gatorade. I dread emptying the bucket next to him, but if the tables were turned, I know I would want him to empty my bucket. I am glad to take care of him in his time of need, even if it grosses me out!

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