Friday, March 15, 2013

Stay Together When Apart

My husband and I have been apart all week because he has been in Connecticut on business, while I have been holding down the fort in New York. But even though there have been miles between us, we have remained close nevertheless. The way we have done this is by making frequent communication a top priority. We have e mailed each other and also spoken on the phone a great deal. Of course there is no substitute for seeing each other in person, but when this is not possible, it helps to do the next best thing as much as we possibly can. We have checked in with each other about our day, our thoughts our triumphs, our challenges, all the while being each other's support.

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  1. Hi Jacqueline, there seems to be a problem with our two blogs. We have the same name and blogger is connecting your blog to me. Don't know if that is happening with you where they are connecting my site with yours or not, but somehow wee need to get this straightened out, I think. They have my email address connected to your blog, so that might be the first place to check on your end...what email address do they have for you on your blog?