Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let Your Marriage's Light Shine

I am fully persuaded that Rueben is the best husband in the world. So I am very proud of his status and share stories and comments about him every chance I get. Our marriage is luminous and I let that light shine brightly. A friend of ours at church has told us again and again what an example our relationship and what a delight it is to be around us. The thing is, we act around each other alone the same way we act around each other in a crowd. We respect each other, enjoy each other's company, love to laugh, and love to show each other affection. We talk easily about anything, whether politics, sports, money, our relationship with God, anything at all.

I recently started a career in the male-dominated field of financial services. So I spend my days with men, men, more men, and a few women. It is the kind of environment that would be a single girl's dream. But as a married lady, I have made it clear that Rueben is the one for me. I have mentioned him several times, and also have prominently displayed a photo of us at our wedding reception,along with
several romantic presents on my desk that he gave me for our first anniversary, which was on September 19th. I have done this so everyone knows I am definitely off the market and that love is a beautiful thing. Now that I have finally found a great love, I want everyone else to find it too.

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