Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Say What You Need

Something spiritually and emotionally devastating just happened to me. It made me feel lost and alienated. I reached out to my husband for help dealing with it. He tried his best to help, but almost everything he tried just fell flat. At this point, some women would have just given up, thinking, "he just doesn't understand me." I was tempted to shut down and give up, but I knew that would hurt us both. So instead, I shared with him what I needed. We had a really great conversation about it and I also wrote to him about it. Now he understands what I need in case anything devastating like what happened ever recurs. So if you need something, speak up and say what you need. Do not expect your wife or husband to read your mind or figure it out. Help her or him to meet your needs. That way you feel understood, and your spouse will have the satisfaction of being supportive.

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