Saturday, January 15, 2011

Share New Experiences

Yesterday evening, Rueben and I took a tango lesson. We are both new to the tango, and it was our third lesson together. Discovering a new activity together is so fun and rewarding. In between dancing, we kiss and snuggle. Our instructor thinks we are sweet. I have wanted to learn how to tango for years and am ecstatic to be sharing this dream come true activity with my dream come true husband. When we were in the process of preparing our hearts, minds, souls, and spirits for marriage, one thing we were advised to do by one of our pastors was learn something new together. Now that we are following that advice, I finally understand why. It is drawing us closer and making us appreciate each other even more than we already did. Before we got married, we decided the new thing would be opera, but we have yet to go to the opera together. Perhaps we will later this year. For now, as we dance together, we will tango our way more deeply into each other's hears.

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