Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cherish Each Other

One thing I really love about my relationship with my husband is how much we both go out of our way to show each other and tell each other how much we cherish each other. I have lost count of how often he has let me know how much I mean to him and I also let him know often that I think the world of him. I don't ever want to settle into some married couple that has lost its "sparkle," as Carrie Bradshaw would put it.

Every single day, we treat it like both the first time we met and the last time we will ever meet. Let me explain. We act like it is the first time we ever met in that we both put our best selves forward always. We act like it is the last time we will ever meet, in that we go out of our way to part with hearfelt goodbyes with the utmost of love and affection. So cherish each other to keep that special spark in your relationship!

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