Thursday, May 26, 2011

Never Forget How Great You've Got It

I found myself talking today about my relationship with Rueben, and how much better it is than my relationship with someone else I ALMOST married. The two relationships were like night and day. The engagement I broke off just in the nick of time was with a controlling, manipulative, and emotionally abusive person with whom I had mind-blowing sex day and night and night and day. The man I married, in contrast, never tries to control me, manipulate me, or mistreat me in any way. The first would spend money on me, then throw it in my face, while my husband spends money on me then never ever mentions it. The first was insanely jealous and sought to limit my interaction with others. In contrast to this insecurity and immaturity, my husband is comfortable with how social I am. He lets me be me. By the end of the conversation that highlighted the differences between them, I was even more grateful than ever that I didn't make the serious error of marrying my first intended and made the wise decision to share my life with Rueben, wonderful Rueben. I have got a great relationship with Rueben and would never want to go back!

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