Monday, July 5, 2010


Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July! Mine was great. My husband and I went to church, lunch, and two parties. The first party was a birthday party for my girlfriend and flute player Elise Wood. It was fun. There was great food, good wine, wonderful music, and great conversation with fantastic people. And my husband struck the right balance between sticking with me and letting me do my own thing. I like to spend some time together and some time apart, in general and at social gatherings. We did both at Elise's place and that made me very happy. It is very healthy to strike the right balance between time together and time apart. We left Elise's birthday party in midtown and went to my husband's friend Josh's rooftop barbecue in Jersey City. It had fantastic food, a breathtaking view, and friendly people. Rueben and I had a good time at the barbecue, but I preferred the birthday party. Anyway, my tip for today, is maintain some autonomy at a party. Do NOT be attached at the hip. It is not healthy.

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