Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spur Each Other On

My husband and I could both stand to lose some weight, which is why we are both members of Jenny Craig. We have both lost weight on the program, but sometimes have setbacks and struggles. His weigh in is every Sunday and mine is every Tuesday. Both our weigh ins this week had disappointing results. We both gained about 2 pounds each. I was reflecting last night on our bad results and realized that part of the issue is that even though we are both on the program, we hardly ever talk about it together. I know. Duh, right?

So yesterday, I wrote a long e-mail to Rueben, telling him that just as we check in with each other every day about many different issues, I think we should include our journey to being fit and healthy. He agreed this is a good idea. So today, we started. I shared how long I worked out (20 minutes) and the wise food and drink choices that I made. He let me know his eating habits so far this week and how he has been feeling.

I feel more than ever like we are in it together and will spur each other on towards success.

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