Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't Be Needy

I was very emotional today because the chapter I was studying was eluding my intellectual grasp. My husband is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and had recently volunteered to help me make sense of it. As I worked on it today I felt discouraged and frustrated. But instead of calling Rueben for help, I spoke to my girlfriend Mithsou. She advised me to stop studying, take a walk, do something else and come back to it with fresh eyes and a rested spirit at another time.

It is great to ask for help when needed and accept it when offered on the one hand, but there is also something to be said for having the tenacity to simply reread the material tomorrow morning and God-willing make a breakthrough and have great news to share that I tackled it.

So this evening, Rueben and I just sat together relaxing, holding each other in our arms and speaking affectionately to each other. This relaxing, soothing time was more valuable to me than whining to him about how disasterous my studies went today. I cherish our quiet, profound intimacy. If I try again tomorrow to no avail, I will let him know and see what he can add to the process I am attempting to succeed. But until then, I have decided it is better to not go crying to him at the first sign of trouble. He fell in love with a smart, resourceful, clever, independent woman. So she is still with him today!

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