Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Still Dating

I was just thinking about my husband and looking forward to seeing him tonight, and it hit me--I have the same level of excitement and anticipation now that I used to have when we first started dating. I am so glad about that. I never ever want to get to comfortable or take him for granted. I think the moment you become too comfortable or take your husband for granted is the moment you open yourself to trouble. I am happy to report that he feels the same excitement about me too. What is our secret? We both make a conscious decision every day to make each other a priority. My heart started beating faster when I read an e-mail that he sent to me telling me when he would be home.

I must partly credit my parents for the way my husband and I prioritize each other. They are quite a model to emulate. My dad met my mom and just a few weeks later, he proposed. Decades later, they are still romantic, they are still very much in love. He sings to her. He gives her cards. He gives her flowers. She cooks for him. It is a beautiful thing, what they have together. My husband and I admire their relationship, and strive to always keep our romance fresh, just as they do. We pray for each other, pray with each other. We cuddle. We express kind words. We work at our love every day because we want to keep our love strong and growing, living and active. So do whatever you can to keep your fire burning. You will be glad you did.

In short, we act like we are still dating. We act like we are still trying to win each other over.

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