Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Full Life

One of the reasons I am so happy with my husband Rueben is that as much as I love him, as much as I am devoted to him, he is not my whole world. I think it is important to have a full life outside of your relationship. Let me give you a glimpse into my day so you can see what I mean. I was up until about 4 a.m. this morning. I was studying for a test, updating my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and e-mailing my best friend back and forth. Then I got some sleep. When my alarm went off at 9 a.m., I was still a bit groggy and fell back asleep. I finally got up at 11 when my best friend called me. We spoke briefly, e-mailed each other again, then I got ready for an important business meeting I had at 1:30 in midtown. After the meeting, I fired off a bunch of e-mails on my BlackBerry, including to my husband. I also rushed to FedEx Office to place an order for copies of a new flyer I created to spread the word about one of my upcoming performances. Then I took myself out for a cocktail. After that I went shopping for groceries and finally my close friend Mithsou stopped by for a visit. I used to drop everything and build my whole world around people with whom I was involved. But I have learned from experience that to do so is a big mistake. It is much more healthy to have a full life outside your relationship. That keeps you stimulated and makes you more interesting. Well, until tomorrow everyone. Have a great night.

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