Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Evening

Hello out there. This is my very first time doing this. I got the idea from a movie I saw this weekend on DirecTV, "Julie and Julia." As Julie said, "I have thoughts."

I recently got back home from my typical Sunday activities. My husband Rueben and I wake up at 8 a.m. We have breakfast at about 8:30, leave for Jenny Craig at 9 (we are both members; his consultation is Sunday morning and mine is Tuesday afternoon), get to church by about 10:30, get a quick bite in the church's cafeteria at about 12:30, then we part until later in the evening.

But I am getting ahead of myself with all this talk of what happens on Sundays. This is supposed to be about my happy marriage and how you can have one too. So sorry. I am new at this. Please forgive me. I will start again. Rueben and I met on Match dot com about three years ago, and have been together ever since. I saw his profile, and liked what I saw. He was good looking and seemed smart, pleasant, and funny, very attractive qualities. I fired off an extremely brief message saying that I liked his profile and he should let me know if he liked mine too. That was it. I think it was a single sentence long. Well, he wrote back right away. We hit it off, he asked me out, and now we are newlyweds!

He is the most exceptional man that I have ever met. I thank God for him. Literally. I thank God for putting him in my life. He is the man of my dreams and I spent years praying to meet him.

He is definitely my muse. I have written three songs and a book about him.

Right now, he is with clients. I asked him to call me when he is done and to let me know whether or not he wants me to prepare his dinner. That right there is one of the secrets to my happy marriage. We take excellent care of each other. We are always looking for ways to show we love each other. Some things are grand gestures, and other things are small, yet caring gestures. An example of a grand gesture? I once gave him as a present two tickets to a Felix Trinidad boxing match. The tickets cost a whopping $1000 dollars. He once paid about $8000 to pay the musicians in my band to record my new jazz album, "Topsy Turvy." Small gestures? This morning, I prepared a delicious breakfast, and he made sure not to finish the last of the milk. We have each other's back.

I am looking forward to seeing him tonight. When we parted at church, he said he thinks he will be home at about 9. At that point, I will be in the bedroom watching "Desperate Housewives," while he will be in the living room watching "the Apprentice." I love that we are so secure that we can spend time apart under the same roof, yet remain connected. We both have BlackBerries and often write to each other when we are in separate rooms, just to show we care. I will see him after "The Apprentice" is over.

Okay, I know I am new to this, but somehow I have the impression that I wrote too much. So I will sign off. Thanks so much for reading this.

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