Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pillow Talk

First, I must apologize. I forgot to write this until just now. I got out of our warm bed, and am anxious to get back. First, though, I must extol the virtues of pillow talk. Rueben and I both have extremely demanding schedules. Often, like today, we start and end the day together, but have our own separate responsibilities to attend to during the rest of the time. So those quiet moments together in the dark when, as Sting would sing, "You and I are lovers. And night enfolds around our bed. In peace, we sleep entwined. And your love flows through." Or another song, "Precious and few are the moments we two can share." The time at the end of the day, when we tenderly embrace in our bed is sacred and profound. I cherish those times. We kiss, we stoke each other's backs or legs, or I squeeze Rueben's butt, or stroke his hair. And we talk to each other quietly. It is so special. It is our way of saying, missed ya today, hon. How did everything go? Even if we are tired, we try never to miss this pillow talk. BlackBerries are fantastic, but nothing can ever take the place of body heat.

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