Sunday, June 6, 2010

Greet Your Spouse Naked

All evening long, I have been working on a project for my best client. I am happy to take a break to write my blog. It is a difficult and challenging project. My husband worked all afternoon and evening himself. I have been working at home, while he worked outside of our home. Partly because it is hot where we live, but partly to be provactive, I have been working all evening totally nude. When my husband got home from work at around 9ish, as he said he would, I gave him something exciting to come home to. I often, but not always am naked when he comes home. I like to keep him guessing and keep things interesting. But I don't just sit here working in the nude, I give him passionate kisses upon his arrival and tell him to kiss my nipples. Spicy! I also like to do a stripper's shimmy/shake to make my breasts dance. If you feel too shy to try this, my advice is to get past your shyness and do something exciting for your partner to look forward to and think about. Sometimes my being nude when my husband comes home leads to sex, often it doesn't. Having sex is never the point. Being flirtatious and provacative is the point. I used to have a lover who would great me at the door naked. It excited me, so now I do it, remembering that I always loved it, and never ever got tired of it.

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