Friday, June 4, 2010

Let Your Partner Inspire You

One of the things that helps my marriage to Rueben be a happy marriage is the way he inspires me to be my best. Every single day, I do or do not do something, just because I am thinking about telling Rueben about it later. This afternoon was no exception. I was trying to transact some business at the bank and let's just say, it was not a pleasant experience. On the contrary, it was a maddeningly frustrating experience. I was attempting to cancel a safe deposit box, and they wouldn't let me do it, after keeping me waiting for one hour for no good reason (there was NO line). But I prayed for patience and calm and got through it. Part of what got me through it was thinking of my husband and focusing on what I wanted to tell him about the experience later when all was said and done. I wanted to tell a story in which I could be proud of myself and he could be proud of me. It is great to have someone in your life who inspires you to behave in an admirable manner.

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