Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Make Up Quickly

Yesterday, I asked my husband out on a date. We went on that date tonight. It was so romantic. I wore one of my sexiest dresses, the same dress that I am wearing in my new music video that can be seen on You Tube, and my distinctive White Linen perfume. He noticed, and complimented me. We had dinner at our favorite restaurant, La Moutarde on Fifth Avenue, in Park Slope. That place has a wonderful atmosphere, great food, good service, and is always a great experience, plus it is always a treat seeing our friend, Bruno, who is the owner. After we left the restaurant and came home, he made love to me as the perfect ending to a romantic evening.

You would never know it, but earlier in the day, we had a sharp dispute and were very upset with each other. But we put an end to our argument by relying on God to help us to make up quickly. I wrote an e-mail to him that I did not want to argue any more because in the second chapter of Philippians, God commands, "Do everything without complaining or arguing." I am happy to report that that was the end of the argument. I am also happy to report that it was only our second disagreement in three years, not a bad record at all.

In the middle of an argument, try to find a way to stop arguing, as it is not worth it. Too much damage can be done by going on and on with a dispute. It is better to find a way to make up and make love than to stubbornly dig in your heels and make something out of nothing or make a big deal out of something that could be somehow resolved. I told Rueben that I love him and that I did not want to continue the argument. He agreed and that was it. When we saw each other for our date tonight, all the bad feelings were long gone and we treated each other like we were newly dating. We talked, we kissed, we enjoyed each other's company, and we showed that our relationship was more important than any disagreement.

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