Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Take Turns

My husband and I have been following the many developments in the BP oil leak disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. So we made a date yesterday evening to watch President Obama's address to the nation on this important issue. After the address was over, we watched commentary on the address and discussed our views on the issue. Then, my husband left the room for a moment. While he was out of the room, I became extremely interested in watching a new show I had been wanting to check out, "Losing It With Jillian." It is a show about a personal trainer and life coach coming to live in your house with your family and not only getting your family in great physical condition, but great psychological shape as well. When my husband came back, he graciously watched my show with me, without hesitation or complaint. To show how much I appreciated this kindness and courtesy, once the show was over, I was just as accomodating with him as he had been with me. The next thing we watched was a baseball game. I love baseball, but usually prefer to hear about games after they are over, rather than watch them in their entirety. They are just too long for my taste. Once in a while, I will watch an entire game, but only if I go in person, or if it is the World Series or some other crucial game. But it is good to take turns and have an attitude of give and take in any relationship. The next chance you get, take turns with your wife or husband, just as my husband and I did. It will bring you closer and make you appreciate each other more.

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