Friday, June 18, 2010

Serve Each Other

This afternoon, I was working upstairs, while my husband Rueben was watching television downstairs. I decided to take a little break and grab something to eat. When I went downstairs, I noticed Rueben was eating his lunch. He had a bowl of chili and a hearty salad. He was eating the chili with a fork, which I found strange. I asked him if he would rather have a spoon (I, myself, always eat chili with a spoon). He said a fork was fine. I pointed out that a spoon might work better because of the chili's liquidity. He thought about it and decided I had a point. He started to get up to go get a spoon. I told him I would get it for him. I immediately rushed to the kitchen, got a spoon for him, rushed back, and handed him a spoon. He thanked me. Then I went back to the kitchen to grab something to eat. I returned to the living room and we ate together. Even though he had a head start, we finished at the same time, because he had two items, while I had only one item--Wheaties. I am just mad for Wheaties. It is my favorite cereal and I often eat it twice a day. Anyway, when we were both done, Rueben volunteered to take my bowl and spoon and he washed them for me. I thanked him. It is great we could wait on each other like that. I highly recommend it. Serving each other is an excellent way to show how much you love each other and care for each other.

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