Friday, May 28, 2010


I saw "Sex and the City 2" yesterday and it greatly impacted me. I don't think I am giving too much away when I say that Carrie runs into her ex-boyfriend Aidan while on vacation in the Middle East and kisses him, even though she is married to John. Her girlfriend Charlotte warned her that meeting Aidan for dinner all alone was playing with fire, but she ignored this wise warning. It made me think carefully about what I would do if I were on vacation without my husband and ran into an old flame. I wrote about it in my journal on the way home from the movie. I basically think that Charlotte was right. The way to avoid a mistake like kissing an ex, is not to play with fire. Carrie never should have met with Aidan alone because of their history. Aidan once wanted to marry Carrie and he considers Carrie, "the one that got away." If there is a danger of something inappropriate happening, you must be very careful and not make yourself vulnerable to slipping or straying or doing something you will later regret--something that would hurt your husband if he knew about it. It is all about honor. You must treat your husband with honor and show respect to your marriage. Part of that respect, is keeping any and all friendships innocent and platonic.

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