Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Billy Joel Factor

Billy Joel, in one of his most touching lyrics, says "She's got a way about her. I don't know what it is, but I know that I can't live without her." You want to definitely be that woman. Rueben had a hard day that really got to him in a bad way. He called me and was extremely upset. I said if he could hold himself together till he got home, I would make him feel better. "How,?" he asked? "How do you think," I replied with a playful voice.

I greeted him as he got home, wearing nothing but a robe. My plan was to cheer him up with a blow job, maybe more, as I dropped the robe, because that is a total mood booster. But it turned out to not be what he needed. What he needed was to be kissed, passionately at times, gently at other times and held. He also needed to touch me. I just went with his energy and did whatever it seemed he needed or wanted to do with me, to me, for me. This went on for about an hour. Then he whispered to me, "Thank you." I thought "She comforts me when I'm feeling down, and inspires me without a sound. She touches me. I get turned around." You want to be a comforting, supportive healing force to come home to after a hard day. There is a line in the erotic film, "Henry and June" where Anais Nin says to Henry Miller, "The world will give us plenty of beatings. What we need is each other's support."

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