Sunday, May 9, 2010

Time Apart

It is extremely important to the health and stability of your marriage to have a full life apart from the marriage. I do not agree with the lyric in "Make Someone Happy" that goes "once you've found him, build your world around him." If you build your entire world around a man, you are setting yourself up for trouble. It is with this belief in mind, that I spent the entire afternoon and evening with one of my closest girlfriends today. We met after church for lunch, went to a bible study group, took a long walk from West 120th and Claremont to East 90th and 5th, enjoyed a concert, took another long walk, and went out to dinner. I had originally planned to be home at around 7 p.m., but instead got home around 9 p.m. When I arrived, Rueben was waiting for me with open arms and had missed me. He fell in love with someone independent, with friends and lots of activities and commitments. Why should that change just because we got married? Exactly. It shouldn't.

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