Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Wind Beneath My Wings

I have been on top of the world lately, and Rueben has noticed. He told me today, via BlackBerry, how happy he is for me that I am so ecstatic. It meant the world to me that my happiness is his happiness. That is priceless. Absolutely priceless.

A lot of blessings have been coming my way. My best friend Kim is in town. My other close friend Mithsou and I are getting together this Saturday at what should prove to be a fantastic dinner party. Rueben and I have been having more sex lately (this is a great thing, as I am a sex maniac!) I am looking forward to a reunion with my great friend Hui-Tzu next month. I am looking forward to the biggest and best concert of my career June 12th at Drom. A television show called me to say they want to feature me. I will keep you posted on that one. I am on the radio (Jango.com). Just type in my name and you will instantly hear the song I sang to Rueben at our wedding. My online course has been going well and I am progressing nicely and steadily. And I just lost another 2 pounds this past week. I am a member of Jenny Craig. I go every week for an invaluable one on one consultation, but I rarely eat their food. I do my own version. Are you ready for this? I call it the Twinkie Diet. Eat lots of baby spinach with light dressing, whole grain cereal with fat free milk, and other wise choices, then end the day with one single Twinkie as a treat. Also make sure to exercise. It works like a charm. Today, I am celebrating 88 days since the last time I overate. I plan to return to an OA meeting soon to let them know what a difference Overeaters Anonymous has made in my life. So, you see I have a lot of joy in my life. It is great to have a life partner who cheers for you and is happy that you are happy. God bless, you, sweet Rueben. You are the wind beneath my wings.

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