Friday, May 14, 2010

Taking Care of Business

This evening, I finally received an urgent message for which I have been waiting several days. I received it while Rueben and I were sharing a moment. I had just entertained him by giving him a private piano recital, without realizing it. I thought he was busy doing something upstairs, but I turned around and YIKES! There he was. He startled me. Anyway, I had just gone to join him on the loveseat when my BlackBerry beeped. It was a message from the wife of a videographer with whom I am considering doing a project. He might film my very first music video. I will keep you posted.

Anyway, love is great, but sometimes business must be the priority. I left Rueben on the love seat and went to fire off long, detailed e mails about the video shoot to my lawyer, the videographer's wife, a fellow artist, and my photographer. Rueben did not complain. I thank God that I could go and take care of business without him complaining that I left him alone right after he got home. He accepts that I am an independent and hard working person, with lots of irons on the fire. And I respect him in the same way. Our relationship is based on a firm foundation of not only romantic love, but, more importantly mutual respect.

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